Exposure Sites

Zoom the map to display known sites visited by COVID-19 positive person(s).

Tap the crosshair icon to zoom your current location.

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NSW Health is only reporting selected high risk exposure sites.

Victoria Health has stopped reporting exposure sites.

The locations displayed on the map are derived from the address data provided by the Departments of Health in the different jurisdictions. It is sometimes difficult to determine the precise location from the address published. If you find a discrepancy, please let us know by sending email to support@crisper.net.au.

To find the most recent, complete and authoritative data, please visit the appropriate health department website for your state or territory:

NOTE: There may be a lag between the time that information is announced by health departments and when it appears on the web app. Some locations may not be precise due to limited information on the address or for other reasons.

The Exposure Sites Map was developed by the ANU's Research School of Population Health's GRAPHC team: Michael Hewett and Paul Konings. The underlying data is sourced from CRISPER's Data Engine.