Data Engine

Powering the Exposure Sites Map, the Automated Alerts, and the Dashboards, the data engine is the integration point for the sources of health and geospatial data. It combines data from multiple and very different public sources into a common format. A suite of carefully tuned data scrapers has been implemented to parse the different data formats.

The data engine is also available to independent developers, including government. It is hosted by National Computational Infrastructure at the Australian National University.


The CRISPER Data Engine can utilise both public data and confidential data provided by jurisdictional authorities. All confidential data is managed on secure servers that utilise a new differential privacy capability with RelM implemented as open source by the Software Innovation Institute. Confidential data is released publicly according to a mathematically rigorous Privacy Budget formulation. Such data is then accessed for use in the CRISPER Dashboards and the CRISPER Alerts through the CRISPER Data Engine.

Usage & Sources

The data used by the Data Engine is collected daily from different government sources. It is only as up-to-date and as accurate as the agencies have made available and is dependent on their updates. The types of data collected include, for example, daily covid cases by postcode, daily covid testing numbers by postcode, and contact tracing locations.

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