Alerts Explorer


  • Enter an Alert Name, choose a Location and (optionally) a Date;
  • Click Show to generate and display the Alert Report
    The PDF report can take up to 30 seconds to build;
  • Click Map to view the location on the CRISPER Dashboard;
  • If no Date then the latest available data is used.

Managing Alerts

  • You need to Register to be able to set up regular alerts;
  • Alerts can be configured to be emailed daily or weekly;
  • Multiple alerts can be configured;
  • Register and Manage alerts from the Home page.

Supported Functionality for Each State/Territory
State/Territory Supported Spatial Resolution Supported Alert Type
NSW State, PC/Suburb, PHU, LGA and LHD Covid Cases, Covid Tests and Exposure Sites
VIC State, PC/Suburb, PHU, LGA Covid Cases and Exposure Sites
ACT, NT, SA, TAS, QLD, WA State/Territory and PC/Suburb Exposure Sites

State/Territory Postcode/Suburb Public Health Unit (PHU) Local Government Areas (LGA) Local Health Districts (LHD)

Please select the state or territory: ACT    NSW    NT    QLD    VIC    WA    SA    TAS

Please select the state:


Please select the state:



Covid Cases    Covid Tests    Exposure Sites

Past 24 Hours    Past 48 Hours    Past 72 Hours    Past Week    Past Two Weeks